Bradford Machine Company

Kitamura Super Cell 300G - #1

Bradford takes delivery of the first Kitamura Super Cell 300G 5-axis machining center.

Super Cell 300G

In June, 2016 Bradford Machine took delivery of a new Kitamura Super Cell 300G, the first off Kitamura’s assembly line in Japan.

The 300G is a high speed, multi-pallet five axis precision machining center offering:

  • High positioning accuracy: ±0.000079”/full stroke and repeatability: ±0.000039”
  • High speed 20,000 rpm spindle
  • Five full axes operation allowing complex parts to be machined in as few as one operation.
  • 20-station automatic pallet changer allowing the machine to be configured for unmanned operation running a variety of parts from those with periodic low lot quantities to high quantity continuous production.

This machine, and others like it at Bradford, allow the delivery of low cost, high quality parts while maintaining the flexibility to respond to customers’ changing production requirements.